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  1. K.Narayanan says:

    Exploitations of the women community on the basis of traditionally teaching were prevailing for centaury together; the women are treated as worms and pests. In terms of secondary class human beings, they are prevented from taking any decisions and participating from any program based on the community. They are treated as child laborers and wage earners..

    An egalitarian women community achieved all their rights.

    Formation of women SHGs and organizing them with various camps and the campaigns.
    Promotions of their savings / thrift practices and the micro enterprises.
    Organizing interaction camps and making them to arrive with their decisions for achieving their grabbed rights.
    Sensitizing the dynamic young women for imploring as cadres.
    Assessing those Government schemes.
    Connecting the women groups with the feminist movement.
    Performing the street theatres for recognizing the women rights.
    Legal procedures for restoring the women rights.
    Developing the women economical viabilities.
    Integrating the women group as movement and linking with other ferocious women movements.
    Promotion of sustainable agriculture.
    Panchayatraj activities.
    Tsunami relief activities.
    Livelihood activities.
    To eradicate child labor.
    Promotion of micro credit.
    Educating eco-friendly techniques on natural farming among young generation.
    Legal assistances to women community.
    Counseling for those who are affected women.
    Dealing with women related issues.
    To bring women’s education for all level.

    Tackled many issues like,
    Restoration of the commercial sex workers rights.
    Equal wages for the women laborers.
    Grave yard problems solved.
    Tackled with rape cases.
    Curbed out the practices of female infanticides.
    Micro credit promotions.
    HIV / AIDS intervention program.
    Cadre training.
    Health project.
    Prepared women leaders for contesting in the civic polls.
    Conducted huge rallies.
    Workshops on gender, legal, health, environment and child abuse.

    The men are treated their women as bonded. The SARC have identified some potential and the skilled women leaders at wider level and have organized them many workshops and the interaction camps enabling them to stimulate and awake other women for enhancing their equal rights. The SARC have implored in this regard in the beginning

  2. Melina says:

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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